PPC Bid Management Software

PPC BidMax™

The Ultimate PPC bid software with Yahoo Search Marketing, Bing AdCenter & Google Adwords keyword tool for agencies and advertisers.

PPC BidMax™ (formerly Dynamic Bid Maximizer) is unrivalled in automated Pay Per Click management software. It will help you efficiently manage your online advertising campaigns for Google, Yahoo and Bing within one simple interface, while boosting your return on investment (ROI).

Why not join the thousands of agencies and consultants around the world are using this PPC management software daily for their clients!

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Managing your on-line advertising campaigns can be a time consuming process. You need to continuously monitor and update your bids and keywords to ensure you stay within your budget while achieving the best ROI. Save yourself time and money by using our PPC software to remove the hassle of running a PPC campaign. Our sophisticated bidding algorithm will perform a range of automated tasks from setting automated bids to generating comprehensive reports that visibly display your ROI so you can easily monitor the success of your campaign.

Why do you need PPC BidMax?

  • Increase clicks
  • Increase ROI
  • Improve ad position
  • Decrease costs or CPC
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce management cost
  • Improve ad campaign performance

What can PPC BidMax do for you?

  • Automate your campaign and keyword bidding
  • Reach your target position while reducing CPC cost
  • Add, edit and delete campaigns, ads and keywords with a few clicks
  • Cross engine management between Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing Adcenter
  • Create/Import/Convert ad campaigns between Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Bing Adcenter
  • Schedule and manage ad campaign reports
  • Create and email customized branded campaign reports for hundreds of accounts with one click
  • Create performance reports for account, campaign, adgroups and keywords
  • Easy management for hundreds and thousands of keywords
  • Update budgets, active or pause campaign with one click
  • Day parting bidding and update
  • Review keyword bidding history
  • Integrate automate campaign/adgroup/keywords creation through your data source

Who should use PPC BidMax?

Direct advertisers who want to manage their PPC ad campaigns in-house without having to spend hours a day managing their campaigns. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to outsource your PPC campaigns. You will have the exact same pay per click software your agencies use to manage their client's campaigns!

Agencies/Consultants who offer PPC management services for clients. PPC Bid Max features an advanced Yahoo Search Marketing, Bing Adcenter and Google Adwords keyword tool to help you easily manage your client's campaigns through a single interface. With this software in your hands you can perform a range of automated actions from creating customized performance reports for all levels with one click to scheduling and sending email reports to all your clients.

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per month
  • Basic tool set for small business
  • Manage PPC
  • Starts from 500 keywords
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  • Medium to large advertisers
  • High number of
  • Manage Multiple accounts
  • Advanced reporting
    with email reports
  • Starts from 5,000 keywords
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per month
  • High level PPC Professionals
  • Professional features
    with advance tools
  • Support Unlimited keywords
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With its comprehensive interface and list of sophisticated features, PPC BidMax is the most advanced PPC management tool on the market. Save yourself time and money by managing your pay-per-click campaigns more successfully. The software allows you to monitor and manage your campaigns without the dull repetitive task of logging into each search engine.

The new PPC BidMax is designed for PPC agencies, but can also be used by any individual advertiser.

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